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Poetry Competition

posted 7 Oct 2014, 08:33 by Shane O'Neill   [ updated 9 Oct 2014, 02:38 ]
6th class recently wrote their own poems to promote healthy eating. A lot of work went into them, well done to all! Below is a selection of the poems to enjoy. 

                             A Healthy Wrap        (by L.J)                         

Carbs and protein

you need to eat,

you can get them

from rice and meat.

Vitamins and minerals

help you grow,

that is something

you need to know.

Fish is good

for your dinner,

dish it up

with some liver.

Coke is out

water is cool,

drink it up

before school!! 

                                               Healthy Eating Rocks!    (by E.R)

Healthy eating is all the craze,

So don't get lost in the vegetable maze,

Keep it clean with healthy beans,

Eat lots of protein to keep you lean.

Beans and chips are oh so nice,

Buts what's even better is a bowl of brown rice,

Apple pie is so so yummy but not so good

for your little tummy.

Eat plenty of vegetables and not so much meat,

Make sure you have a colourful plate of food,

It can become quite the treat,

Always be active and fit and never be lazy,

just be crazy!

We Don't Want no Big Bellies    (by C.G)

An apple a day keeps the doctor away,

It's also one of your five a day,

So get out and play,

Even on a rainy day.

Fresh fruit and veggies,

To help prevent big bellies,

Fresh and bright,

To eat just right.

Eat more fish on your dish,

Yum yum yum it tastes delish,

Salmon, plaice, mackerel and cod,

Can all help look like a God.