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News letter Sept 2015

posted 7 Sep 2015, 06:23 by Indu Chaudri

Dear Parents,


On behalf of the Board of Management I would like to welcome all pupils staff & parents back to school. A special welcome to our 28 Junior Infants who are just starting school for the first time. We are delighted to welcome Ms. Teresa Hayes our newly appointed SNA who will be working with Junior Infants this year.

As we embark upon a new year we would like to draw your attention to and ask for your co-operation with the following:


  1. Parking: As you are aware, the Board of Management has put in place parking restrictions at the school gate.This is being done with the safety of our pupils in mind and we ask for your full co-operation. As parents, we must put safety before convenience.
  2. Uniform: Pupils should wear the correct uniform to school. Tracksuits to be worn on P.E. days only. (Please note that older students may need to wear tracksuit more often if there are training sessions/ matches scheduled for particular days)White / Grey poloshirt only to be worn under the tracksuit. Strictly no football/ rugby jerseys. Pupils need proper footwear to allow them to play freely on yard – no soft ‘ugg’ style boots please.
  3. Healthy Eating Policy/ allergies: Pupils should bring a healthy packed lunch to school each day- One treat only on Wednesday. No nuts or nut related products, eggs or mayonnaise please as some pupils have severe allergies to same.
  4. Contact Details: If your address/ phone number has changed, please notify Indu so that we can amend our records accordingly. Those nominated by parents as persons whom we can contact in the event of an emergency must be contactable during the school day please.
  5. School Requisites: Each pupil needs his/her own pen/pencil/ colours etc for school. Please check your child’s pencil case regularly to ensure he/she has everything necessary for school.
  6. School Bus: Only those pupils who hold a valid bus ticket will be allowed to board the bus. Please note that the responsibility for safety and discipline on the bus rests with Bus Eireann.
  7. Punctuality & Attendance: We attach for your attention a copy of our revised Attendance Policy. Please read it carefully. Regular & consistent attendance at school plays a big part in a pupil’s progress. Therefore pupils should be at school every day (with the exception of illness) for the entire day. Pupil should only be signed out when absolutely necessary. Scheduled medical appointments should take place outside school hours. We ask that parents discontinue the practice of phoning Indu to notify teachers of a pupil’s absence. Instead parents must send in an explanatory note upon the pupil’s return. Due to the increasing number of pupils in each class, teachers will no longer be in position to make repeated requests for absence notes. It is a parent’s responsibility to furnish the school with an absence note. If no such note is received, the absence will have to be recorded on the electronic system asunexplained”.


  1. Meeting with Staff: Should you wish to meet with a teacher to discuss any issue, please make a appointment through the office. Approaching teachers at the gate/ on the corridor causes problems with class supervision. Sensitive issues need to be discussed in the correct form and as such will not be discussed over the phone. If you have a complaint about a particular teacher you must address the issue directly with that teacher. Each teacher is entitled to hear, directly, any complaint against him / herself and is entitled to a right of reply. All school related queries should be dealt with through the office during school hours please.


  1. Morning Supervision: Supervision of pupils on yard will be provided each morning from 8:55 am to 9:05am. Please note that the B.O.M cannot accept responsibility for pupils dropped off before this time. Please note that this still applies on wet mornings. Each pupil should be ready to line up at 9:05am when the bell rings. Can we please request that parents of infants wait outside the wall in the mornings once your child is settled on yard and the supervising teacher is present? It can be difficult to supervise the yard with so many adults congregating near the infant lines. Your co-operation in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Collection of money: Any monies payable to the school for Junior Infants & Senior Infants (eg. Art & Craft, school tours) should be paid directly to Indu at the office. All other classes ( 1st – 6th ) should give money to class teacher. Please put the money in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name. Please pay in notes where possible instead of coins as it is very time consuming for Indu to count coins and costly for us to lodge them.

The cooperation of all members of our school community is paramount in ensuring the safety of our pupils and the efficient running of our school. We thank you for your continued cooperation and we look forward to meeting you at our special occasions/ events this coming year.



Le gach dea ghuí,

Aoife Foley