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Xmas Rap.mp4

Lets get on top that New Wave Grammar book! Click here for more info on English grammar (when you get stuck on one of them instead just skipping it!!!)

More tips for the debating team! (body language tips)

Frozen- Lig é Dul (Bain taitneamh as!!!!!!)

Essential Elements of an Essay= Plot, Character, Conflict, Theme & Setting!! 


Remember pretty R.O.S.E for solving word problems!!! And remember the story about my friend....Irish prepositions are relevant!!!! Get set up on duolingo also!


Seanfhocal na Seachtaine: Filleann an feall......

Hard maths question- try it and remember write down what you know!!!! (H/W 9-5-16)
Three boxes under my stairs contain apples or pears or both. Each box contains the same number of pieces of fruit. The first box contains all 12 of the apples and one-ninth of all the pears. How many pieces of fruit in each box?
A. 14  B. 16  C. 18   D. 20  E. 36


Christmas Drama.MOV

6th Class Rap!!!!!! "Word"


Lily winning gold at the Olympics!!!!


Ireland VS New Zeland- Rugby World Cup Final 2015!!



Life Quotes

A look at the fault lines we have been studying this week in relation to earthquakes

Dublin 2040........

Invertebrates and Vertebrates

Practice for Chess 

Lá Breithe Shona Duit, a Adam!!!! (6ú Feabhra)

Interactive Quadrilateral Shapes Test

The story of Lazarus

Here in 6th class in Kildimo the children really love getting lots of homework!!!

6th Class Rap Poem.MOV

Gaeilge- An Margadh Bia - from YouTube.mp4

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Dreams explained for Kids!

Sleep for Kids

Sunday Game Tin Whistle

http://vocab.com/join/1X1R5D6 - link to join Vocab.com 6th class group

https://reellifescience.com/our-healthy-bodies/ - more videos for science comp to browse through

Shay's take on the 1916 Rising

Irish Quiz- An- éasca, nach ea????

Seanfhocal na Seachtaine: Níl aon tinteán mar do thinteán féin.