Obair bhaile 9ú Eanáir '14

posted 9 Jan 2014, 07:27 by Maura Aherne   [ updated 9 Jan 2014, 10:46 ]
2/3    Food for Life (sheet)
         Learn the 4 different food groups, colour appropriately as you identify & talk about each food group

3       7 times tables
         Check capacity of your kettle
         Find an empty vessel/container for our classroom challenge

3       Reading novel  chapter 2  or research the FOX if you don't have novel for tonight
         Some info attached below 'The Fox'
         Remember some interesting words from reading....culprit,lurking
         Write  & learn adjectives to describe a fox in creative writing copy

2/3    Revise 5 few pages of your Gaeilge copy
         Litriú   back of copy ...choose 8 to revise

Maura Aherne,
9 Jan 2014, 08:49