Obair bhaile 7ú de Mhí na Samhna

posted 7 Nov 2013, 07:13 by Maura Aherne   [ updated 7 Nov 2013, 07:15 ]
3     Multiplication sums in copy(5)
       Multip wheels to complete on sheet
2/3   Litriú   back Gaeilge copy
        3   new Briathra to learn
3      Spelling challenge    sheet (6)  Look, say ,cover, write & check
        Reading :  WASPS....research a new fact...talk about this creature
2/3    Religion    Zacchaeus    http://www.holyspiritinteractive.net/kids/biblestories/62.asp
         Rang a dó   read' Grapevine' version of the story...bring it to school