Obair bhaile 3ú lá de Mhí Márta

posted 3 Mar 2014, 08:47 by Maura Aherne   [ updated 3 Mar 2014, 08:50 ]
2/3   Bun go Barr  L.31   (C)   Litriú (3   Fhocal)....... ag obair, ag tafann, ag caint
        Bain triail as an cúpla  focal do Seachtain na Gaeilge

3      Decimal Fractions  Notes in copy    
        Sheet activity pg 39 ....one side only please
        Tables    Revision Mul & div  (7's)
3      English    Antonyms /Opposites      7 to write
        Some boys & girls need to do spelling corrections
        Write mis-spelt words from your written work in a new Spelling list, especially for YOU!

        Write for 10 mins  using the 'story beginning' in creative writing copy

2/3    Still waiting for some people to read the 'Foodchains' attachment to homework of 26th Feb.