Obair bhaile 25ú Mí na Samhna '13

posted 25 Nov 2013, 06:58 by Maura Aherne
2/3   Catchphrases to illustrate...find some more to share in class
2/3    Litriú  duine, beirt, triúr, ceathrar, cúigear    (today's test for signing)
         Dán  :   SMEADAR   Leigh x6   amach os ard
3        Tables test on 6x and division tomorrow...revise
         ' Find your change' activity in copy
           1 - 11 pg 16  ,Tue  Work it Out
2/3     Tin- whistle   practice ....3 tunes
3        Complete story you're writing on Fionn Mac Cumhaill  (10 mins)
          Revise spellings from copy, no new words tonight!
          Have you had your test signed by a parent?
          Have you done a test at home on mis-spelt words?