Obair bhaile 25th September '13

posted 25 Sep 2013, 07:12 by Maura Aherne   [ updated 25 Sep 2013, 07:14 ]
2/3   Reading   'The First Irish People' aloud
                          5 spellings circled
2                       Autumn  Word Sleuth
3                       Autumn poem  and crossword
3     Maths   complete sheet
       Planet maths   pg 7   1 & 7 in copy
2/3   Gaeilge   Litriú    It is essential that your child is making an effort to learn to spell the circled
                                   words in Gaeilge copy
Practise writing the words on a blank page at home, ask your child to spell the word ,
use look ,say ,cover ,write ,check as you do with English spellings
Please note today's test in spelling notebook & re test at home when the words have been learnt.
Try 3 words tonight ,the test can be done in the notebook so I can monitor progress!
You need to practise spelling EVERY night. You will notice an improvement in a short space of time
if you try this method.