Obair bhaile 24th September '14

posted 24 Sep 2014, 07:32 by Maura Aherne   [ updated 24 Sep 2014, 07:42 ]
2/3     Tin whistle practice

2/3     Gaeilge    reading aloud   Bun go Barr pg 10
          Litriú  (3)   Abairtí   scríobh  4 of your own....Chuaigh mé  godtí an siopa agus.....
3       Numberline activity,  a few magic squares,
         Work it Out  Finish  pg 10
         Tables   4times & dividing by 4 ....mixed bag!

3        English    Reading  aloud  ... Elephants   sheet...you may like to read on to end of the page
          Those who did not read 'elephant' facts  from link posted yesterday please do tonight      
          Begin the design of your 'SAVE THE ELEPHANT' poster in CW copy

          Spelling ...next 5 words practise writing them in workbook please