2nd/3rd Class Homework

23rd November 2015

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Last week 2nd and 3rd learned about dinosaurs and this week we are doing a class project. Each group of 4 have a dinosaur they will have to find information on. Here are some useful websites for 
looking information and pictures up:

http://www.sciencekids.co.nz/sciencefacts/dinosaurs.html (this is a good site, especially on the right hand side of the homepage there is info on individual dinosaurs)

http://www.kids-dinosaurs.com/dinosaur-facts.html (general info and facts for the different individual dinosaurs)


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25th May'15

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Enjoy video of the Bottle Nosed Dolphin   ....find under AMAZING ANIMALS (7th video)

The Moon

Remember to prepare your quiz question for class and you can write it out if you like!

Obair bhaile 13th May,2015

posted 13 May 2015, 07:04 by Maura Aherne

Make sure you are doing some maths revision every evening

 multiplying, dividing, adding & subtracting need to be excellent!

Obair bhaile 27ú lá de Mhí Aibreáin '15

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Rang a 3      To support your reading and  knowledge on dolphins

23rd April '15

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Bosca Beo


The Cuckoo

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21st April '15

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On Tuesday 28th April The Diocesan Examiner is visiting our school.
Please study your religion copy for a few minutes each night this week.
Practise your prayers at home and remember to use your sacred space.

April 17th '15

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 First Communion boys & girls,

This is your last week to prepare for your very special day!
Remember to say your prayers at home.
Your religion copy is like a prayer book.
Talk about the stories too,
Visit your sacred space more often.

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