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13th June 2017 - Crazy Golf
  Jack, Aaron and John are taking golf very seriously!

May 2017 -  

For SESE this month we were learning about Clothes and the different material used to make them. We were also amazed at the difference in clothes from country to country. Indu very kindly brought a beautiful Sari for us to see. We loved its colours and delicate silk material. Indu also showed us photographs of what clothes boys and girls in India wear. It was very interesting and thank you Indu!


February 2017: 

For Aistear this month in Juniors, our theme has been The Garden. We set up a Garden centre in our classroom, designed an advertising piece for our local Kildimo newspaper and read stories such as ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ and ‘The Little Seed’. We have also got green fingers in Juniors as everybody in class has planted his / her own watercress and are treating it very well with lots of water and sunlight to make it grow. We definitely have some budding gardeners in our class!

December 2016: Our December theme for Aistear was the Toy Shop. We loved this festive theme and enjoyed writing letters to Santa, constructing shop furniture and toys from lego / straws and making our own Toy Catalogues in a cutting and sticking activity. We had our very own Kildimo Toy shop erected in our class, complete with shelves of toys, a cash register, trolleys and catalogues. We took turns being cashiers, customers, cleaners and even security guards to keep an eye on stock!

November 2016: For this month, our theme for Aistear was the doctors surgery. We wrote prescriptions, played hospital bingo, constructed surgery furniture with our connectors and made our very own x rays for Art.   Our favourite part was the Role Play corner where we took turns dressing up as the doctor, nurse, receptionist and patients. We had a very good medical team who dealt with such ailments as broken thumbs, broken arms, belly aches and sore throats!

  Dr. Ellie and Nurse Aoife take good care of this patient who fell off a tree. The diagnosis was a broken arm!
Jack is very busy in reception!

 Poor Lily Rose is not impressed with her diagnosis of a broken thumb..

Dr John and Kyle take care of Hannah and her sore toe
Dr Rían investigates Josephs symptom of a sore ear..

24th Oct. 2016: Thank you to all Junior Infant parents who sent in old toys. We had a great mix of the children's baby toys and toys of parents when they were small. We loved looking at the old heirlooms!

13th Oct. 2016: We had great fun today when we used playdough to make our first six Jolly Phonics sounds: s, a, t, i, p and n.

6th Oct. 2016: Thank you to all the families of our Junior Infants who sent in pictures of the boys and girls for our 'Who's that baby?' project. We had great fun in our guess the baby quiz. Well done the the Nemos table who scored 16 out of 21 and won a prize!!

Welcome to the website of Ms.O'Driscoll's Class, Kildimo NS 2015 / 2016

Our Aistear theme for May was Fairytales. We had lots of fun reading ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, making wolf masks, sequencing the story, making characters from playdough and re-enacting the story in our Role Play corner. We also read 'Rapunzel' and we each wrote about the story all by ourselves. We created Rapunzel's castle from our Junk Art material. Many thanks for all the supplies sent in! 


Paddy made the Woodcutter from Little Red Riding Hood

 Cutting and colouring wolf masks

Granny Darragh is very scared of the Wolf Aidan as we re-enacted Little Red Riding Hood in our Role Play corner. Although Granny does seem to be putting on a brave face here... ! 

For this month in Junior Infants, our Aistear theme is the Post Office. We are having lots of fun designing stamps, addressing envelopes, writing Friendship  cards, playing bingo with our new vocabulary and visiting our Post office in class. We have lots of great props, such as; a post box, a real An Post satchel and hat (on loan!), weighing scales, a cash register, money, envelopes, boxes, wrapping paper, pens and leaflets. We are also incorporating some history into this as Ms Heaney brought in a toy post office she played with when she was 8! She won't tell us how many years ago it was though!!!!


                                                                                   Paddy very carefully checking out Ms Heaneys heirloom

Layla busy at work, lucky she had a spare minute to pose for a photo! 

Post office bingo

Designing stamps

Postman Seanie paid us a visit in class and told us all about his job as a postman. He was terrific and we were very impressed when he told us that he does not get one bit afraid of those big dogs that might bark at him from time to time! Thank you Seanie! 

We are very busy in Aistear this month. Our theme for March is the Hair Salon. We are having lots fun pretending to be hairdressers, receptionists, customers, constructing, writing and playing structured games. 


Stylist Emma gets to work on her customer, Ruby           Matthew gets a short back and sides from Andrew

Guest speaker Sarah tells us all about her job as a hairdresser       Hairdresser Bingo

Aistear for February was the Doctors Surgery. We had a range of painful symptoms from our patients but our doctors and nurses were quick to diagnose and prescribe medicine to make everyone feel better! 


    Nurse Emma takes good care of her patient                    Dr. Ross manages a smile while examining patient Daniel

Cian made a doctor and stethoscope from playdough             The doctors surgery waiting room


Busy blending and reading at our phonics game station   Daniel reluctantly hands over the doctors fee to receptionist Ruby!

Writing patient prescriptions at Ms Heaney's writing station.


Aistear: Our theme for Aistear in January was the Restaurant. The boys and girls were pretending to be chefs,waiters, waitresses and customers in our Italian and Chinese restaurants. They were building tables and chairs in the construction area, playing food themed games and designing delicious italian and chinese menus in the writing area. We had lots of fun but it did leave us peckish!




November 10th 2015: We had so much fun today with our yoga lesson. Many thanks to Carmel, our instructor. The Junior Infants relaxed and got into the 'zone' very quickly and were quite impressive doing their poses!



We had lots of pretty and spooky costumes for our Halloween dress up day! 



Thank you to the parents of Junior Infants who sent in their toys that they played with when they were little. We had lots of fun comparing them to the toys of today!! 

We had lots of fun using playdough to form our Jolly Phonics first set of letters / sounds! 

     We had lots of fun making our first set of Jolly Phonics letters out of playdough!