Obair Bhaile 28-1-'13

posted 28 Jan 2013, 08:24 by Ciara McNamara   [ updated 28 Jan 2013, 08:31 by Vincent Gleeson ]
Mathemagic: pg.Qs 7 & 8  pg. 128
A very useful link to help with our homework tonight - www.teachingtime.co.uk
www.teachingtables.co.uk - pls spend 5-10mins on mental maths tonight (bingo machine or tables mountain).
Scriobhnoireacht- 10 sentences to translate. remember to take your time, use your dictionary & it has got to make sense as a sentence so read over your work.
Spellings- My Spelling Workbook Units - 17 (4th) and 18 (5th).
Reading- HRP- 10 mins. making sure to pick up those dictionaries when you come across a difficult/new word.
Writing- activity one in spelling book.
Alpha Auto-Bio - complete.
 5th Class - Confirmation projects to be completed.
*** Please make sure to practice your readings/prayers etc. for the Confirmation ceremony next week.
Music- Tin Whistle 'Inis Oirr'.