Obair Bhaile 26/Feb/

posted 26 Feb 2013, 06:33 by Ciara McNamara   [ updated 26 Feb 2013, 06:35 by Vincent Gleeson ]
Mathemagic 4: Q.'s 1&2 pg. 139
Complete your Suduko Puzzle from today. ! Have fun!
Leithóireacht: Inis Dom Ceacht 16: Scéal 'An Bláthcheapach.'
Scriobhnóireacht: Ceisteanna 1-7 lch. 83
  Reading: Certificates to be presented Thursday morning :-))  20 mins. making sure to use your dictionaries when you come across a difficult/new word.
Writing:'All ABout Me' - Essay... in preparation for your 'identity Masks'.  Please make sur eto proofread your work once finished.
Chpt. 13- Geog. Quest - pg. 106 'European countries & capitals. (Learn for test on Thursday).
http://www.yourchildlearns.com/mappuzzle/europe-puzzle.html- brilliant way to brush up on your countries and capitals.
Spellings- Commonly Misspelled Words- 3 for tonight and put into sentences.
Litriu: Mionna (4- Monday, Tuesday Wednesday).