Homework 11/03/'14

posted 11 Mar 2014, 09:08 by Ciara McNamara

*********JEP €10.**************************
If you would like to register for the 'Great Limerick Run' please click on the following link: 

Girls Basketball Match tomorrow morning- Kildimo v. Roxborough 
Gaeilge: Léigh lch. 106 & act. D lch. 109 BgoB
Litriú: 'Ceannaigh' AL 
Maths: WIO....and 'Maths Eyes' ..... 
English: Read On: Chapters 27 & 28. Treasury- pg. 95 B
SESE: Geog. continue with study of the counties and fillin the blanks from today
Spellings: CMW's contd. and task 2 tonight into spelling copy